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PUBLISHED ON: 19/04/2023

Commercial finance for technology and media businesses

The role of technology in our lives was clear to see when Covid-19 struck and working from home was non-negotiable for many. As one would expect from such a vibrant sector, technology businesses rose to the challenge with solutions that kept the economy going.

Media, too, is hugely important in daily life and has also had to deal with unprecedented challenges including misinformation, political interference, and accusations of bias and partisanship.

For the technology and media sector to continue to thrive in challenging circumstances, appropriate funding solutions are vital. This means finance that can boost working capital and allow businesses to operate without restriction on a day-to-day level, but also help them grow strategically.

UK Business Finance are commercial finance brokers, rather than lenders. We work with technology and media businesses, conducting whole-of-market searches to find the most appropriate type of funding for their needs.

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Challenges facing the technology and media sector

Lack of capital to invest
Some technology businesses face a lack of capital to invest in new technologies and equipment and compete effectively with rivals. In such a highly competitive industry, this can lead to stagnation and being overtaken by new market entrants.

A crowded marketplace
With so many digital news outlets in operation, it is difficult for some media companies to stand out, and for new ones to gain traction. The right type of finance can be instrumental in moving these businesses out of the shadow of their competitors and delivering marketing campaigns that work.

Commercial finance for technology and media businesses

Equipment finance and refinance
Equipment finance involves purchasing expensive equipment assets over several years, typically via hire purchase or leasing. At the end of a hire purchase agreement the business can pay a small fee to take ownership of the asset, but if that is not required, leasing may be the better option.

Equipment refinancing means selling an existing piece of equipment that is already owned by the business to a lender and then renting it back using a fixed payment instalment plan. The business retains uninterrupted use of the asset and becomes the owner once again when all repayments have been made.

Working capital finance
If a business wants to undertake a growth project or a marketing/advertising campaign to gain traction, working capital finance could help to fund it. This form of finance supports the additional cash flow needs that are typically generated by growth initiatives, such as wages and operational costs.

Applying for technology and media finance

Before applying for technology or media finance it is imperative to search the market for the best deals. Our experienced team can conduct a whole-of-market search and write the applications to lenders on your behalf.

There is no charge to you for our services, and no requirement to sign an exclusive contract to use them. Please contact one of our team to find the best financing solutions for your technology or media business.

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