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Agriculture and Farming

PUBLISHED ON: 12/05/2023

Commercial finance for agriculture and farming businesses

Agriculture and farming is a primary part of the UK economy. We rely on the industry for much of our food and with an emphasis on buying locally-grown produce it is imperative that farmers have access to the financial support they need.

Businesses in this sector face ever-changing strategic and operational challenges that can severely hinder their success, however. The fact that they are often reliant on the British weather underlines the fragility of planning everyday operations and their ultimate success.

The seasonal nature of farming and agriculture demands flexible financing solutions that cover equipment and heavy machinery but also help to overcome cash flow issues inherent in this sector.

UK Business Finance can provide the industry knowledge you need and have contacts with financiers nationwide. As well-established commercial finance brokers we understand the criteria of all the lenders in the UK and will match you with the best one.

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Challenges facing agricultural and farming businesses

The energy crisis, climate change, a struggling economy, and unstable cash flow are just some of the challenges facing businesses in this sector, all serving to make agriculture and farming businesses at constant risk of experiencing severe problems.

With heavy reliance on favourable weather conditions to generate profits, and a strong seasonal element for some businesses, the stakes are high. Having the right type of finance to support them through difficulties and propel their growth in good times is paramount, as it can relieve the pressure on cash flow and smooth the fluctuations in sales.

Finding funding for farmers and agricultural businesses

Fortunately, finding tailored funding solutions is one of the easier aspects of operating in farming and agriculture even though funding needs are diverse, and it is one where we can play a significant role.

Our experienced team will apply their specialist knowledge to find the right type of finance for your business, whether you need to buy cattle feed, fund heavy machinery, or invest in the latest agri-technology.

Commercial finance for the agriculture and farming sector

Farming and agriculture businesses have access to a range of funding solutions that can be tailored to individual business needs. These include, but are not limited to:

Asset finance
Invest in expensive hard assets such as machinery and equipment but pay over monthly instalments rather than using up vital capital. The asset being funded acts as security for the lender, so no other assets need to be put forward as collateral.

Working capital loans
These are short-term loans that are particularly helpful for seasonal businesses and can cover a range of purchases including animal feed, veterinary bills, maintenance costs, and wages.

Agricultural mortgages
Agricultural mortgages can fund investment in farm buildings, purchase land to extend an existing building, develop a farm shop, or perhaps convert buildings into holiday cottages on a farm. They may also be available to release equity.

How we help the agriculture and farming sector

UK Business Finance are commercial finance brokers rather than lenders and as such, can help you track down the best finance deals for your needs. We have contacts with lenders around the country and understand all lenders’ criteria.

Here is how we can help:

  • Free-of-charge services with no exclusive contract to sign
  • We conduct whole-market searches to find the best deals
  • We write the application to lenders on your behalf
  • Free quotes on secured and unsecured loans, asset finance, vehicle finance, and commercial mortgages
  • A wealth of experience in helping farming and agricultural businesses obtain the funding they need

For more information on commercial finance for agriculture and farming, please get in touch with our expert team.

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