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Financial Services

PUBLISHED ON: 19/04/2023

Commercial finance for financial services sector

The financial services sector is a major part of the UK economy and a significant employer. It supports business success in this country and abroad with innovative products and services, and oils the wheels of consumer finance, from direct debits to credit cards.

The UK’s position as a leading provider of financial services reflects the high standards of financial education we offer, and the number of talented individuals developing cutting-edge fintech products.

Even established financial services companies cannot relax their efforts, however, given the pace at which technology is advancing, plus the fact that new start-ups are constantly entering the market.

UK Business Finance can help your financial services business to grow and develop with flexible commercial finance products that help you adapt to changing needs and bring your strategic plans to fruition.

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Challenges facing the financial services sector

Data breaches
Data breaches are a significant concern in the sector given the sensitive financial and personal information typically held. A cyber attack or data leak could damage a business's reputation in the long term and result in a hefty fine.  

Changing regulations
The government’s extensive package of regulatory reforms for the financial services industry, known as the ‘Edinburgh Reforms,’ will lead to changes to a broad range of regulations in the coming months and years.

A crowded market
Operating successfully in this crowded marketplace requires a clear brand identity and agility to change direction when necessary. The innovative environment of financial services means entrants with a new offering could quickly take a market share from older firms.

Sourcing funding for financial services businesses

We can help you find the funding you need to grow your business and compete effectively in this burgeoning sector. You could use the funding to recruit new talent, for example, invest in advancing technology, or to better manage cash flow.

From revolving credit to hire purchase and asset refinancing, our team of experienced commercial finance brokers can search the whole of the market for the best quotes.

Commercial finance for the financial services sector

Revolving credit
Revolving credit is a form of working capital finance that gives you access to additional cash when your business needs it. It is similar to a bank overdraft as you have a credit limit and can use the credit facility as and when required.

Hire purchase
Hire purchase facilitates the buying of expensive assets without having to make a capital outlay. Once a deposit has been made you repay the lender via a fixed payment schedule and can become the owner of the asset after a small final payment has been made.

Asset refinancing
If your business has money tied up in an existing asset that is wholly owned, asset refinancing can unlock that working capital whilst you retain use. You sell it to a financier under a sale and leaseback arrangement and become the owner again once it has been repaid.

Applying for financial services sector funding

Obtaining a variety of quotes is the first step to securing funding for your business. UK Business Finance are commercial finance brokers and search the whole of the market to find the best deals.

Our services are free of charge and we do not ask you to sign an exclusive contract. Please get in touch to find out more.

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