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Invoice Finance

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Invoice finance lets you release cash tied up in outstanding invoices by borrowing against your sales ledger. Rather than waiting weeks or months to be paid, you can access the funds in a fraction of the time. By freeing up funds to boost your cash flow, you can fulfil customer demand, invest in your business and act faster in a competitive market.

Invoice factoring, invoice discounting and single/spot factoring are invoice finance products widely used by UK businesses. Our variety of invoice finance solutions allow you to personalise each aspect of your financial journey by giving you the freedom to cherry-pick invoices to release early, determine the dynamics of the client payment collection process and the level of third-party involvement with your client base.


Invoice Finance Products


Release cash early from outstanding invoices to access immediate working capital to fulfil demand

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Invoice Discounting

Advance payments tied up in invoices and retain full responsibility for payment collection

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Single / Spot Invoicing

Release cash tied up in outstanding invoices of your choice to boost cash flow

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