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Commercial Mortgages for Businesses

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    60 Second Finance Review

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    Our team of finance experts can provide industry-leading advice on commercial mortgages to suit a range of different scenarios. With a commercial mortgage, you’re safe in the knowledge that there will be no sudden rent increases and if you’re on a fixed rate mortgage you know what you will be paying month in, month out. If the value of your property increases, the ‘equity’ means your business capital will increase.

    Repayment methods are similar to those in the residential market although commercial mortgage interest rates tend to be slightly higher as there’s more risk attached for the lender. The higher the deposit, the lower the risk and lower the interest rate.

    There are sometimes additional costs in addition to the standard mortgage arrangement fees so it’s best to speak to our commercial mortgage experts via a free consultation to get a handle on exactly how to apply and what might be in store.

    Sometimes taking out a conventional commercial mortgage is not always a feasible way of financing a property. This is particularly relevant in the case of a new building development or an ambitious refurbishment project. With a standard mortgage, you will only be able to borrow a percentage of the property’s current value, rather than what it may be worth in the future. A property development loan might be better suited for you – this takes into account the completed value of the project and advance you the money based on this figure. Once the development is completed and sold, the development loan can be paid off.

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    Scouring the marketplace for cost-effective funding is what we do best by analysing your business situation and matching you with the perfect lender. Once we know your objectives and funding requirements, the process can move very quickly.

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    Our approach to finance-finding is completely objective. We don’t push lenders your way if they’re not offering the best finance solution for your needs. Some brokers will only suggest lenders that secure them the biggest kick-back – that’s not us.

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    Our experts have liaised with more than 50 lenders on your behalf and will recommend the best finance package for your business needs. Once you have accepted the quote presented to you, you’ll have the money in your account within 24-48 hours.

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